Thursday, 16 August 2007

Summer? What Summer?

I feel like its been a long time since my last update. The reason for this is its because its been a long since my last update.

This is not because I have been away and lounging on a beach but because we have been getting everything together for the new term.

I am not going to update everything in one go but here is the trailer for my next few posts.

Still to finish off:

Now I have written it down it seems not much but I know how much work has been done by the support staff.

We also have 5 NQT's, 1 full time member of staff, and 2 members of staff who are returning from maternity leave. I have spent a lot of time with them in a support role.

The 2 returning members of staff have stated they think they have returned to the wrong school. I think that was a complement.


Armin said...

I must admit I was getting worried you might have given up blogging.

Welcome back.

TecnoTeach said...

Can you see how green I am with envy - what a setup. Can I come and see this? Sharon

islayian said...

Visitors are welcome..... we just need some notice to get the placed tidied........... that maybe my home

TecnoTeach said...

Is that an offer? Sharon

AB said...

Can you please, please, please post some pics/info when the kids get the kit? Pretty please :-D

islayian said...

Anyone can (especially you Sharon) come and visit. And its a wonderful journey.
2.5 hrs drive from Glasgow then 2 hrs on the ferry or 25 mins on the plane from Glasgow. Its very reasonable if our on a 6 figure salary.
I am not expecting a stampede but you can see a presentation by myself and my HT at sfl or a very quick 7 mins at the Teachmet07 fringe event