Sunday 28 January 2007

Wireless Projector

From Blog Pics

I have been playing with a Panasonic Wireless Projector this week.

It is a great piece of equipment. It worked perfectly with our network. Once I realised how to configure it properly (It wasn't difficult, I was a bit slow)

The only problem I have is getting Google Earth to show up over the wireless but I am hoping to have an answer to that tomorrow. I suspect its an OpenGL setting I need to find.

The way the wireless projector works with the internet (I think) is that you use the controlling PC to call a page and that page is sent to the projectors IP Address. It works well.

One question I have at the moment is, if the projector is fixed in place thn can I save wireless bandwidth by using a projector which is hardwired through the CAT5 network?

I suspect, if such a projector exists, it would mean that any media called would be transferred via the hardwire making it much more efficient.

Does anyone have an suggestions, ideas, comments?




Ewan said...

With this will you be able to switch between users quite easily in, for example, a class where each child has their own wireless device? I'm a complete novice when it comes to this kind of hardware so a vision of what could work would be greatly appreciated.

islayian said...

Not only can you switch between the users but you can also have upto 16 users on the screen at once in a 4x4 matrix.
This is not a full class but I can see voting or 'Pair, Share' working well with it.

lisaannp said...

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