Wednesday, 30 April 2008

Tuesday, 29 April 2008

"What do Teachers Really Make?"

Andy Wallis from IHS's English dept (He really needs to be more online)sent me this video.

What do you really make?

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Sunday, 27 April 2008

Lower cost 3D printing

As a Design and Technology subject specialist I have been using 3D drawing packages for a number of years. I have been dreaming of purchasing a 3d Printer for the school. I have imagined a pupil designing a product from Initial ideas, developing it in a 3D environment and real models and then producing an accurate prototype.

Looks like this may be a step closer from The Desktop Factory.


Video: 3D Printing

Thursday, 24 April 2008

Open Day

If you are planning to come to Islay for the Open Day on Friday the 13thJune please complete this form at Google Docs.

Parliamentary Reception

On Wednesday 23rd Islay High was asked to man a 'pod' at a reception at the Scottish Parliament. The reception was organised by the Microsoft and the SQA to show examples of the range of things that are happening with ICT across Scotland and have been supported by Microsoft.

A Pod, it turns out, is a table with a display board in the main reception area of the Parliament

Examples from Dundee primary schools (whose very young pupils stole the evening) of introductory technologies, through to University of the West of Scotland and their IT Academy. As well as Stirling Uni's link with Falkirk FC to encourage educational access.

The pupil I had with me had me at the event, Aaron, was a star. Talking to one and all. From the MSP's, Cabinet Minister's, fellow pupils, company representatives. He took them all in his stride. Here he is chatting away with Jom Mather, MSP for Argyll & Bute and Cabinet Minister for Enterprise, Energy and Tourism.

The feedback we got was very positive. With several people being absolutely stunned.  Especially those from higher education and industry.

Wednesday, 16 April 2008

John Connell » Blog Archive » Teaching at a Crossroads


John Connell » Blog Archive » Teaching at a Crossroads

Please go and read.

It is a wonderfully intelligent critique of where education is at the moment.

Tuesday, 15 April 2008

Design Education - Define Design

A little while ago, ok, 18 months ago. I setup a wiki called Design-Ed.

This was inspired when I did some work in the summer of 2006. I was invited by The Lighthouse, Glasgow, to attend a seminar on design education in Jyväskulä, Finland.

The Design Seminar was organised by the Alvaa Aalto Foundation. It brought together a group 12 of people from all over the world spent a week talking, studying design education. We then produced a concept for travelling education exhibition to get young people to explore Architecture with all their senses.

We decided to try and keep working together using a smartgroup and when smartgroup died I setup a Wikispace but it soon dropped out of use.

I want to try again. Hopefully with more participants.

I would like to ask you, "What is your definition of Design?". I am looking for a short 'back of a T-Shirt' one.

You can leave your definition here in the comments or place it directly onto the wikispace here.

Lots of posts this week. Can you tell I am on holiday and avoiding writing an essay?

Monday, 14 April 2008

A Curriculum for Excellence Draft Technologies

Today the draft technologies Documents were published.

I would particularly interested in the views of anyone outside Scotland on these.

Sunday, 13 April 2008

Melrose 125, Veteran 10's

Cryptic title I know but this is a non school, non technology post.

The Melose 7's is the oldest Rugby 7's competition in the world. In fact this was the 125th Melrose 7's.

As part of the 125th celebration the Melrose club decided to expand the events. With a Youth Seven's and a Ladies Seven's. Islay Rugby Club were extremely honoured to be invited to send a team to the Veterans competition. Veterans are defined as over 35. Fortunately there was no upper age so we could get a team together.

The games were being played over 2 days, Thursday and Friday. I think this was to allow recovery times between the 20 min games but actually it meant a lot of partying  and socialising serious talk about rugby.

We were travelling in the knowledge that we were in the same group as Melrose and Roma of Italy. Both teams had former international players. Melrose had Doddie Weir, Craig Chalmers and Greame Shiel in the team playing in Islay's opening game.

Islay competed well but finished the game behind by 51 points.

The next game was against the Italian team, Roma. The Italian's were a big fast team but the game was played in a great spirit. The only problem was me getting hit in a great tackle by Stephano. This tackle stretched my Cruciate Ligament and I ended up being stretchered off.

Fortunately I was taken great care of by a knee surgeon who was watching the game. It was the end of my competition. But the upside was that I had to sit still and everyone brought me what I wanted.

We had a great night in the Melrose club house. Spending time with the other teams from Kansas City, Caymen Islands, Ayr, Ulster, Palmer (US), Edinburgh, Ledbury, and many others.

The Friday we were drawn against Ayr and Ledbury. Both Teams played the game in great spirit. Islay managed a great win against Ledbury.

From Melrose 08

This only left the Friday night which was the Post Vets celebration and pre seven's warm up. Again another great atmosphere.

A huge thank you to Dougie of The Melrose Club. He was our link man and went above and beyond his duty. It'll be great to see him over again for the Beach Rugby.

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Wednesday, 9 April 2008

Islay Open Day 2

Further to my earlier post about the possibility of an Open Day for Islay High.

We now have a date for this. It is Friday the 13th of June. I hope that it will  be lucky for all of us.

As I said in the previous post this is aimed at the the local community (mainly the Parents and Businesses) but this does not mean its exclusively for them and I would encourage as many 'mainlanders' to make the journey to come and see what we are doing.

For those who maybe interested Islay Rugby Club will be holding the annual beach rugby competition  on Saturday the 14th. Official Website for the Beach rugby is at

Friday, 4 April 2008

Consol Championship

Its the last day before the Easter holiday's.

We have had an inter house competitions.

We have had volleyball and consol games.

Some people have been very into the games but particularly Mr Wallis of our English Dept.

What has been interesting is that we got most, 3/4's, of the participants in the consol championship have been girls.

Another huge mention for Russell (A pupils with severe Autism) who got the highest score in the Wii Bowling at 195.