Sunday 27 April 2008

Lower cost 3D printing

As a Design and Technology subject specialist I have been using 3D drawing packages for a number of years. I have been dreaming of purchasing a 3d Printer for the school. I have imagined a pupil designing a product from Initial ideas, developing it in a 3D environment and real models and then producing an accurate prototype.

Looks like this may be a step closer from The Desktop Factory.


Video: 3D Printing


Anonymous said...

It's a pretty interesting machine, I couldn't believe the size of it when I first saw it. And the cost of the material shouldn't be too much of a hurdle either, only $1/cubic inch.

Have you seen this talk about the RepRap machine?

At Ross we've just bought a RapidPro machine, it's not been set up yet but could be useful, though I think it will prove too expensive to use.

islayian said...

I hadn't seen the RepRap machine but sounds very similar to the Fab at home machine have look at this video on youtube

andy wallis said...

Very impressive. I just wonder what the running costs would be like

Anonymous said...

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