Sunday 13 April 2008

Melrose 125, Veteran 10's

Cryptic title I know but this is a non school, non technology post.

The Melose 7's is the oldest Rugby 7's competition in the world. In fact this was the 125th Melrose 7's.

As part of the 125th celebration the Melrose club decided to expand the events. With a Youth Seven's and a Ladies Seven's. Islay Rugby Club were extremely honoured to be invited to send a team to the Veterans competition. Veterans are defined as over 35. Fortunately there was no upper age so we could get a team together.

The games were being played over 2 days, Thursday and Friday. I think this was to allow recovery times between the 20 min games but actually it meant a lot of partying  and socialising serious talk about rugby.

We were travelling in the knowledge that we were in the same group as Melrose and Roma of Italy. Both teams had former international players. Melrose had Doddie Weir, Craig Chalmers and Greame Shiel in the team playing in Islay's opening game.

Islay competed well but finished the game behind by 51 points.

The next game was against the Italian team, Roma. The Italian's were a big fast team but the game was played in a great spirit. The only problem was me getting hit in a great tackle by Stephano. This tackle stretched my Cruciate Ligament and I ended up being stretchered off.

Fortunately I was taken great care of by a knee surgeon who was watching the game. It was the end of my competition. But the upside was that I had to sit still and everyone brought me what I wanted.

We had a great night in the Melrose club house. Spending time with the other teams from Kansas City, Caymen Islands, Ayr, Ulster, Palmer (US), Edinburgh, Ledbury, and many others.

The Friday we were drawn against Ayr and Ledbury. Both Teams played the game in great spirit. Islay managed a great win against Ledbury.

From Melrose 08

This only left the Friday night which was the Post Vets celebration and pre seven's warm up. Again another great atmosphere.

A huge thank you to Dougie of The Melrose Club. He was our link man and went above and beyond his duty. It'll be great to see him over again for the Beach Rugby.

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Anonymous said...

I hope you are recovering well. It pains me to say this but most of the veterans you mentioned were taught by myself. They - of course - have now caught up with me!

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