Thursday 23 November 2006

Origami - UMPC


Origami was the code name for the UMPC.

Link for above video

There is a daily increasing wide range of these types of devices

The UMPC is the device we have identified has giving us most of what we want to give into the hands of the individual pupils.

We want the different learning styles to be catered for. As well the 'normal' read/write style, Visual and Auditory . The UMPC deals with all of these learning styles so long as the course material is designed with these in mind.

The idea is that instead of have pages and pages of photocopied notes with the occasional blurry image in it. We would have the notes held on a server and then picked up by the pupil when required. These notes would contain the text + colour images + Video + animation/flash + sound files. The individual pupil can then use the inking capabilities to add their own notes or highlight important passages or they could even attach voice notes to them.

With the research I have done it indicates that this will deliver the material in a format more likely to include the natural learning style of an individual pupils.

The UMPC is by no means a perfect product but (as Rob Enderle says above) it will evolve. We need to get a structure in place which allows for this evolution to happen within education, for the benefit of individual pupils.

The key is NOT the UMPC. The UMPC is simply a conduit which allows a greater range of learning styles to be catered for across the curriculum.

The real key is the conversion of the courses from paper based to digital. This is where the skilled teacher must have their own input and control over the content. For this reason we plan to bring in consultants from NISAI to sit with the class teacher and support them in the conversion  of the teachers own courses and aid with the inclusion of the correct media.

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