Tuesday 9 January 2007

Apple iPhone

This really does looklike an amazing piece of design and technology. Apple are so great at bring together great designers (ie Ross Lovegrove) and innovative thinking........ oh, and lots of smart marketing.

Link to Apple

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Anonymous said...

The really interesting thing about the i-Phone (to me) is the use of multi-touch technology. This opens the way to a multitude of novel concepts in user interfacing. See http://cs.nyu.edu/~jhan/ and look at the videos!

(More technically: single- and multi-touch technology provide a base level for what can be achieved. These can then be built on to provide gestures, like single-clicking, dragging, double-clicking, etc. In fact only very simple gestures have really caught on for simple screens - few applications utilise either the speed of the mouse movement, or the idea of going up then down quickly, tho one or two do use this idea to go forward or back a page. But with multitouch screens, the base level set of primitives is much richer, and this makes the range of possible gestures much richer as well: turn, grasp, etc, so that a much more sophisticated user interface can be built. I have't got one yet....)