Sunday 7 January 2007

Windswept and interesting

Tomorrow is the start of a new term.

Man, that was a quick term and then holiday! Though I am very keen to get back and into this term.

The reason for that is not just to get inside a different building having been stuck inside most of the holidays due to the awful weather but I have a new member of staff joining us for the next 6 months. Good luck Alaric.

This will free me up to get the next stage of the project setup and to provide direct classroom support to embed the technology.

The next stage over the next couple of months is to get network projectors and speaker systems into teaching areas, get servers setup and, of course, continue with the training and support for staff.

Wish us luck


Ewan said...

It sounds like you'll have great fun, too. It'll be so satisfying once it's all up and people start to use all the tools. When it's done are you giving tours?

ab said...

Good luck Ian - I've no doubt the new member of staff will make a huge difference!

islayian said...

The tours will be very reasonable and popular. Particularly if hey get linked too the Bowmore Distillary tour