Wednesday 20 December 2006

When do changes stop being Pilots?

When I talk to people about our project they usually say "So, is this a pilot?" My answer is the same, "No its not a pilot, its a change to a way of working."
As Nicholas Negroponte says at TED, we have moved past pilots. So when does a pilot shift to being a change?
I feel that we have reached a pivot point and we are ready to shift our perspective from paper with some electronic based material to electronic based material with some paper.
The plans we are putting place are all their to support education and the curriculum. Nothing is particularly new or radical.Its using it as the main delivery medium.
As I usually say say at the end of my entries...... so what do you think?
I really mean this. Please come back with comments, criticisms, observations, points, questions

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1 comment:

Ewan said...

I've never believed in pilots - you either do something and let it succeed, grow and get its own wings, or you see it fail and say you made a mistake. As it is, I've seen lots of unsuccessful pilots made a 'success' - do pilots ever fail, in fact?