Monday, 11 December 2006

IC3 Getting the foundations right

IC3 is Certiport's Computing Fundimentals certification. Its run in scotland by prodigy

The parts which attracted me to this assessment and certification system are the Benchmarking and Mentoring systems.

These allow us to see what each individual can already do (Benchmark) and then supports the indivuals to work on the skills they are weakest at. Therefore we won't have pupils who have missed out of the basic skills and at the same time we won't have pupils bored and unchallenged for S1 and 2.

Any two of these units would give the pupils a PC Passport at Int. 2

To see a video of how this works have a look here.

The basic standard have 3 Modules covering Internet and Computing, hence the name.

The 3 are:

IC³ 2005 Standard (Complete Objectives)

IC³ — Computing Fundamentals

Computer Hardware

Computer Software

Using an Operating System

IC³ — Key Applications

Common Program Functions

Word Processing Functions

Spreadsheet Functions

Presentation Software

IC³ — Living Online

Networks and the Internet

Electronic Mail

Using the Internet

The Impact of Computing and the Internet on Society

As I say in all my blogs.........What do you think?

I really am very interested in what you think and in particular any issues you think we have missed.

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