Sunday 25 February 2007

A week off

This may come as a surprise to teachers. Teachers in Scotland may well be surprised that the schools on Islay and Jura get a week off for mid term. Teachers elsewhere in the UK may wll be surprised that most Scottish teachers don't get a week off for mid term.

Long before I came to to the Islands the staff had decided to take all the single days that happen throughout the year and roll them into a single week.

This has several advantages.

The biggest is that you get time to do something. Some of the staff are away in sunny places; Portugal, Morrocco...... in my case Manchester!

Some of the staff have taken a group of pupils Skiing in Italy.

The second advantage is that because no one else is off then the flights are cheaper.

So, I want to make this quite clear.

This is our week off! No one elses! Get your own!

PS The academic advantage is that your not disadvantaged for having  a double period on a Monday.

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