Tuesday 27 March 2007

A Curriculum for Excellence - ACfE

Today I was at the ACfE roadshow.

I love the concept of ACfE.

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The idea of stating what you want your whole education system to do in such a clear way is inspirational. Its almost a mission statement for Scottish Education.


This has some major problems challenges before it will work.

The biggest challenge was exemplified within the group I worked with this morning.

They were a full range from a Pre 5 worker to  2 secondary Head Teachers. The pre 5 and primary colleague's were extremely thoughtful, enthusiastic, and positive. They looked at all the interesting and exciting approaches and activities they could do.

The secondary reaction, myself included, was ' how do we measure it?' or ' what about my subject?'

The material we looked at was the only material which has fully gone through the quality assurance process. It was 'Science', but was it the subject science? Parts of it would be covered by Geography, PE, Technology, RME, any number of places.

Their are 2 major problems that I see. One is cultural the other is practical.

The cultural one is Departmental protectionism. Each specialist will look from their area and say I should be teaching 'that' part in this 'way'. Another specialist will say that they need to teach it with another emphasis. Therefore no declutering just lots justifying of subjects within the framework.

The practical one is the way that secondary teachers are finally judged. The Exam results.

The SQA need to be fully behind this. We were told today that were. Maybe they are. I don't know.I wish I did and I wish I knew what they are thinking



Anonymous said...

I agree that ACfE looks good... and it has caused more interest and genuine excitement in education than anything else I can remember since I started teaching.

Don't forget the other people that really need to be behind it... HMIe! They appear to be at the moment, but that can all change!

Joe Wilson said...

Have a look at http://www.sqaacademy.com/

Please join the debate on Curriculum for Excellence and Core Skills for the Future

enrolment keys are "Excellence" and "Framework" respectively

All the best