Wednesday 28 March 2007

Scottish Qualification for Headship - SQH

I am sitting here about 20mins before my interview for the SQH.

Why am I even thinking of doing this????

I know my strengths but I also very aware of limitations. My  biggest limitation is Academic.

I am so much a practical, lets get it done sort of person that the recording and writing up gets forgotten. I suppose when I first showed interest the alternative route was a possibility, but A&B didn't get on the pilot for what am I doing sitting here?



Unknown said...

Well, for what it's worth Ian - I think schools need people in the top slot that are more of a 'practical, let's get it done' kind of person than a recording and writing sort of person - we have far too many of them at the moment, hence our paper/statistic driven education system! :-) Hope it goes well!

Anonymous said...

I don't know enough about schools and you to say if you're the right person for this, but in general I think we all need more people who "get things done".

Don't know how long the interview takes, but it's probably too late to wish you luck and keeping my fingers crossed now. So I hope instead that it all went well and that we're going to read a positive update from you soon.