Sunday 15 April 2007


I see from CNET News that the first OLPC Devices have been given into the hands of the end users.

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What a brilliant concept the OLPC is. It allows large scale Creation, sharing and using of educational resources.

I have read much about this project from the beginning. It has had many observers initially laughing and then attacking the project. Some were very well thought out questions but others were ......... infantile at times.

In terms of what we plan for our pupils ........ well I think the model is quite different. Though I have been watching closely to see how they solve the similar problems we have.

What do you think of the OLPC?

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Anonymous said...

Hi Ian,
I've only kept half an eye on the OLPC progress, I am not in a place to judge the project but surly any effort to lower the digital divide is a good thing.

Some of the pictures on CNET are amazing and screenshots look amazing on such a cheap machine. I am tempted to try Emulating the OLPC XO on a Mac (OSX) but I need to get out more;-)

How do you see the OLPC model differing what you are doing?

Anonymous said...

I think I'm with john on the lowering the digital divide issue, and I'm well impressed with the quality of the machines for such a low figure. I'm troubled that Will Richardson noted that the manufacturers could sell the same devices in the US for $200, which kind of defeats the original purpose imho.

I love the fact that it effectively needs others to form networks, and that potentially having so many of them makes them largely financially worthless - the device can then just be used, rather than regarded as an expensive object. When I was in school, the first ever data projector they got was kept locked in a cupboard because it was expensive - all that happened was that no-one used it?