Monday 17 January 2011

Something new

An attempt at something new

vlog1 from Ian Stuart on Vimeo.

Would appreciate some constructive critism


Steve Bunce said...

Dear Ian, enjoyed watching your first vlog. Great setting for it and the audio could be heard ok (maybe a little quiet over the amibient background sounds). Came across in a relaxed, informal manner. Enjoyed the way you set the context of your school and Islay.
Take care, Steve

Clive said...

It's great, Ian. Inspiring. I'm wondering if I can do something similar! Perhaps it would have been good to work in a couple of cuts to the local countryside (though I'm biased - I love Scotland!) and to the school itself but that can come in future vlogs - and might have distracted from the message anyway. Simplicity is often most effective.

So no Jack Daniels or Jameson's for you, eh? ;)

Great stuff. Keep it up!

Krysia said...

Ian, I really liked this! Good to see you've posted it in your blog.
Afraid I dont really have constructive critisism for you apart from maybe for future episode you could add an element of danger into the environment - those waves looked too gentle!
I will be joining you in your return to blogging - got a new URL a few months back. Not long now before I'll have some time to spend on it.

andy wallis said...

Good stuff mate. Constructive criticism: I agree with Clive that some cutaway shots would have been an added bonus. Also, what's with the crackle/hiss on the sound? Is it from the wind? Perhaps experiment with the positioning of the tie mic. Good to see Islay again (and of course your good self!)

Reverend Walt said...

Ian - yes, well worth persisting with this format. You might try experimenting with different setups for camera and mike positioning to improve quality final vlog. Your decision not to go for talking head was very effective.
How about next one from the Coliseum?

Unknown said...

Absolutely love the video Ian, I hope you continue with this over the year. I agree with the concept of writing blogs, I find it quite challenging to do and perhaps that's why I have started in30seconds and also looking at creating my own video blogs this year.

Unknown said...

Ian, I too have times when writing Blog posts simply isn't an option, perhaps because of time pressure, sometimes because the standards that I set myself for the written word are higher than those I expect of the spoken word. This experiment is effective, I enjoyed the setting, it helped convey the sense of Islay's relative isolation. What type of radio mike did you use?

islayian said...

Hi Maximos
thanks from the comment.
Its a cheap (very cheap in fact) unbranded ebay special wireless mic. but it works.
Just need t do more