Tuesday 1 November 2011

Teachmeet Remote

I really enjoyed TeachMeet West Argyll the other week. I was part of a mixed group of primary and secondary teachers in Islay High School watching in via Flashmeeting.

What made it particularly good for me was not just that the talks were excellent (Which they were) and about teaching and learning but that I was talking to colleagues about what was being said (as well as with various people from round the world in the FlashMeeting).

This has given me an idea for a long planned TeachMeet Remote.

Small groups gather in various places and link in to share together.

Each group will act as a round table and then feedback to the rest to the topics.

Topics could be collected centrally or each group could opt to raise a topic to introduce for discussion in the roundtables. One of the table could well be an online group of individuals.

What do you think?


Reverend Walt said...

Not quite sure what is meant by "Each group will act as a round table and then feedback to the rest to the topics"

But like the overall shape of what you propose. And I do believe that teachers should experience this sort of virtual meeting with a view to using it in their own teaching

Jay Helbert said...

I had an idea for a dual teachmeet - a teachmeet-off where two locations had a back and forth of presentations - your idea is even better. I'd gladly be involved in any way I could be useful.

Sweyn Hunter said...

It is an absolutely brilliant idea, which I will promote and support as best I can in Orkney.