Friday 17 November 2006

Choosing Tablets

Tablet PC's are much more expensive than an equivalent laptop. So why not just get a load more laptops?
The reason for going for Tablets is that they are the main computer for that member of staff. The teacher can prepare work, simplify the administration, as they can do with a laptop but with a Tablet PC they can use it for a secondary job.
We decided to use the tablet to act as an interactive board (Along with a projector of course). As the teacher writes on the the tablet it appears on the screen. The teacher is not in the way of the projector and the image can be as big as the screen allows. The teacher can bring in video, sound ........ in fact anything that the interactive whiteboard can do a tablet can do as well. With the added advantage of not being limited by the size of a board.
This then makes the total cost (Tablet and Projector) less than the cost of an IWB (Interactive Whiteboard), projector and computer to run it. It also means that the technology much efficiently used. Less time sitting switched off as its used for more than one purpose.
Our next stage is to install wireless projectors. These will then mean that the signal from the tablet will be carried to the projector without a cable. Freeing the teacher to be anywhere in the classroom.
Once the pupils have the UMPC's then anyone's work can be put up on the screen.
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John said...

A truly interactive, collaborative school?
Why the question mark? sound absolutely wonderful.
The arguments for the tablets and wireless are solid. No shadows either.

islayian said...

The question mark was encourage interaction. So thank you John.

Anonymous said...

This sounds like a fabulous setup. We recently installed interactive whiteboards into all the maths classrooms in East Lothian, and they are great, but I would be really interested to hear how your choice works out - prior to our investment I had suggested tablet + projector as an alternative.

islayian said...

Hi Robert
I am quite convinced that in Secondary schools the flexibility that the tablet provides is MUCH greater than being infront of the board.
In fact so do the manufacturers.
So now they want schools to buy a board, a pc (MAC is a type of PC) to run it, a projector and a slate to give you the freedom.
Why not have a tablet, projector and much larger image area?