Tuesday 28 November 2006

Help me understand

I has been using feeds for a little while now but I am just beginning to realise the power of metatags in technorati.

I added a feed to my aggregator for Islay. It seemed reasonable to see what other blogs are out there talking about the place where I live.

The feeds I am getting are very ........unusual in nature.

What have I got feeding into my aggregator?


Anonymous said...

Looks like Islay is the name of a character in some on-line game. It's kind of elusive to pin down exactly what it is, though. 5 minutes of googling and link following didn't really get me anywhere.

There should be a name for these unfortunate collisions that occur on the Web. Reminds me of a bit of software called "ClaSS" - nice name, but try finding it via Google!

ron steenvoorden said...

Islay is by far a unique name in the world. I know of people called Islay or Islaygirl, there is a place in Canada called Islay and I know of a Japanese guy who talks about his dog called Islay. If you want to find relevant feeds it is sometimes better to find Islay websites that offer feeds.

You could try Islayinfo Newsfeed or Islay Blog Feed

I hope this helps a bit. Good luck with your website.


islayian said...

It is an extremely busy online game!
I had tried some half hearted search but thanks for the feedback Robert.
Ron you missed this Islay
PS I really like your Islayinfo site. My pupils have been using it a lot recently to investigate older buildings for the Sketchup Project

Anonymous said...

Ron has already given you the main problems. There's also an Islay Canyon and Islay Hill somewhere in the west of the US.

In addition to the Japanese dog called Islay there's also a Japanese boat called Islay, I've written about it in my blog a while ago.

Another thing you might find are the spamblogs (aka splogs). They just stuff entries with keywords and/or steal from other feeds. I've seen some of my own entries popping up in them. For a while my search for Colonsay was completely useless as for some reason the spammers were using the name a lot.

After a while you get used to it and just scan the entries and skip over those.

Anonymous said...

Hi Islayian,

Thanks for your compliments on the Islayinfo website. I am very glad your students use it well. I am very curious about the Sketchup project, will you present some results/pictures on your blog?