Monday 22 October 2007

Sorry I have been quiet but........

its not because I have been on holiday (which I have been), its not because I have been chilling at home (which I have been). I really should blame Graham Martin-Brown from handheld Learning_B6B2008.jpg.

Why is it his fault? Well one of the last actions of the conference was an excellent prize draw. Lots of great prizes were given out to those people who stayed to 5pm on a Friday. The prizes went from Apple Ipods, Samsung Q1Ultra and camera's were amongst the prizes but the best was the Nintendo Wii sport, which I won. Digital Katie immediately started sending hate texts which should have been in green text colour.

I have never been particularly interested in console's or computer games. The occasional game of solitaire or Hexic Deluxe but I have never considered buying a games console.

But myself and Caroline, my wife, are hooked. We have been playing everyday. We have been testing our fitness, Caroline's Wii age is Granny level older than me (She made me change that), I am below my actually age. In fact we are so hooked that we have ordered another controller.

I had been considering giving this to the school but.............. NO WAY! They might be able to borrow it but only if I get the first go on the big screen in the Gym.

I now believe that Derek Robertson does have the best job in the world!


Anonymous said...

Ian I am very Jealous of the Wii.
Now get back to work and get educating those kids!

islayian said...

Dear anonymous
The kids are teaching me a lesson, on the wii, at the moment!