Monday, 1 October 2007

Teething Problems

Its been a busy couple of weeks. I have mopped up the last of the pupils who were off and needed training.

I have spent my own subjects periods getting S1 and S2 up to speed with using the technology (More about this later). I have been going round individual faculties talking bout best ways of using the UMPC's and identifying any problems.

Something which has come up was that we didn't have enough Access Points in one part of the school.

This meant that when Maths, English and History classes were all signing onto the network, the network in that part of the school ground to a halt. It also caused some of the UMPC's to fail to complete their login scripts. Causing one of our network drives not to show. Three extra access points later and things have calmed down, but we are still occasionally  getting a lost network drive.

I have identified Network Drive Manager as a possible solution to lost network drives.

Does anyone have anyone have another solution? Preferably free

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