Tuesday 6 November 2007


I have just come across a Wiki called edtechroundup which is setup around the idea of people in education giving real examples of where it is being used.

It has regular online meetings, though I have still to attend one.

I have always been much more interested in Wiki's than Blogs (Haven't I Andrew?). I like the collaborative aspect and I see a much more positively productive outcome. (He say's while on his own soapbox blog)



David Noble said...

Hope you can make it to the edtechroundup FlashMeeting this Sunday at 8pm!

Anonymous said...

I think I'm a great fan of both, but worry about the whole issue of 'ego' on a blog. Blogs can be collaborative too - it's a question of how the owner uses it? The best (and, curiously, worst) example of this is probably the daily kos?

islayian said...

David:I will be trying but Sunday nights are uually the online meeting nights for my SQH group (and no its not a support group........or maybe I am wrong)
Andrew: I agree about the ego part (As you know). I don't know the Daily Kos Blog.