Saturday, 3 November 2007

Monroe Islay connection

On Friday afternoon we had the start of a new Sketchup project. The idea is that each group will become the eyes and ears for the other group. On Islay we will be looking at the 'Round Church' in Bowmore. They will take pics, video and scan in plans for the other school to draw in Google Sketchup. The project is specified in a Google doc here.

Myself and 'Meach the Teach' setup a Skype chat between 2 classes. I have 7 pupils from S3 (All Male unfortunately), Banks - Stephens Middle School have 12 in their group.

A huge thank you Keith Hamon on Monroe County School District for his simple comment on Ewan McIntosh's Blog which has started this whole thing.

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keith.hamon said...

You are most welcome, kind sir.

But it does point to the power of this new Web 2.0 thing, doesn't it? That a tiny comment in one part of the noosphere can lead to a storm in another part. These are exciting times and great fun. I can hardly wait to see what presents itself next.