Thursday 20 December 2007

Positive Feedback for the OLPC

I have long been following the OLPC programme. I see many parallels between the OLPC vision and my own for IHS. So it was interesting to read this article and the bbc artilcle, particularly the digital distraction part.

I particularly love the Audio Slideshow

What do others think in light of the Asus Eee (In Scotland the 'Wee') PC and the Samsung Q1?

Where does this leave education in the west? Are about to be leapfrogged as we have been with Mobile phone use?


Robert Jones said...

I think all these devices are interesting, but will all be museum pieces in 5 year's time! You have done exactly the right thing Ian - gone with the best technology available to you and done something now to benefit this generation of young people. There is no point in trialling and piloting x y and z whilst every day kids are missing out on opportunities. In other words, I think 1-1 is more important than the fine details of the devices.

Unknown said...

I agree with 'Mr Jones' (how posh are you Robert?!)

IMHO 'Now' is the important feature of all that you have achieved so far in IHS.

For those wishing to learn from your experience and expertise, I think they would do well to start focusing on variety of devices and connectivity.

islayian said...

To quote Andy Black, Its not about the device stupid!
I agree with both of you but of course the OLPC will go through design revisions and reissues and be an ongoing development.
Surely the developing world will be developing its own skills of networking (Physical, intellectual and social) and miss out lots of the growing pains that we in the west are having with technology in education?

Unknown said...

I suspect they will develop their own, different growing pains. I'm really interested in the MESH networking deployed in the XO - fascinating that in such a diverse digital age, proximity should be such an important feature.

Anonymous said...

Don't forget that OLPC is aimed at grade school children, not high school. The opportunities and requirements are very different.

Robin Harris