Wednesday 2 January 2008

Digital Distraction

Just before the holiday's (Happy New Year!) started we had been looking at some of our little angels who were getting distracted.

Of course this has happened with Jotters (Notebooks) for years, you know those little animations in the corners but with access to UMPC's and wireless network access the opportunities are vastly increased.

We have been looking at several solutions to this. The simplest is to get the pupils close over the devices and with the wireless projectors we can move around the pupils and watch what is happening. If teachers think an individual has been distracted we can check the activities of the individuals at that time. Several have been identified and had consequences to their actions.

I knew their was security applications to check what everyone is doing but I feel this removes part of the point of personal responsibility and I don't want to be Big Brother. But........ I also have a professional responsibly to make sure that pupils are learning in my class.

So what is the solution?

I have been looking at SynchronEyes from Smart Technologies supplied in the UK by Steljes.

Does anyone have experience of using this or any other product?


Ben Cahoon said...

Check out LanSchool v7.0 distributed by ITS in the UK.

islayian said...

Will do
thanks Ben