Saturday 26 January 2008


No, not a talk to the Dog Protection League or the RSPCA but group called the Scottish Information Communication Technology Development Group - SICTDG but gets prounced as the title.

The group had been meeting at Stirling University to  look at some of the future technologies and there possible uses in education.

Andrew Brown invited me come along and tell the group about we are doing at Islay High School.

I was quite nervous about this as this group know their stuff.

Here is my presentation but Slideshare doesn't like Inking.


The feed back I got was extremely positive.

After this I was planning to fly back to Islay on the Friday morning but, as it was it was burns' night, it became 'the best laid plans of mice and men'. The weather was against me and I eventually got home on the evening flight but even that was an interesting flight with the plane coming in sideways and landing on one wheel. An extremely impressive bit to flying.


Unknown said...

hanks for coming to speak to the group Ian - I know from their reaction at the time and subsequent discussions that they got a lot out of your presentation.

Sorry the journey home was so rough!

Anonymous said...

Hi Ian,
Thanks very much for your brilliant presentation. I am really interested to know which mind mapping package you used to present the school development plan.
Anna Rossvoll
Aberdeenshire Council

islayian said...

Hi Anna
Thank you
I didn't use any mindmapping software. I used powerpoint with 'ink'.