Friday 30 May 2008

ICT Open Day

2 Weeks today we are going to have an ICT open day.

This is being aimed at parents, and local businesses, but anyone interested in what we are doing is more than welcome.

A rough guide to the day is:

Starting at 11 am (though anyone arriving earlier simply comes to the school earlier and gets a head start) to allow people to get to Islay via various methods. (More on this later)

an Introduction

An opportunity to be shown a device being used in a class by your own pupil.

An opportunity to take part in several classes using a device.


Q&A Though I am certain that this will be happening naturally throughout the day.

Wrap up officially about 2-30.

This allows people to catch either the 3-30pm plane or ferry

For those who are who are coming to visit us from off Island I would ask that they fill in this form. This is so we know who to expect as well to pick up from Ferries or Planes at which times.

We could also arrange for some accommodation, with staff from the school. So long as the numbers don't get too big.

So, please come along and get a first hand feeling for what is happening.

Those of you who blog, could I ask you to pass this information on. Thanks.

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