Friday, 16 May 2008

Islay Book Festival, Iain Banks and DIVA

Islay Book Festival will be running in early September. The among the Authors coming is Iain Banks.

The main reason I am blogging this though is that the site for the festival was produced by a pupil of IHS on the Fundamentals in Web Design Course. It is, in fact, his final exam piece.

This course was created using the Macromedia Adobe Course via the DIVA project.

Though it is under the banner of Computing and IT but it is a Design based course. With the pupils creating media and web sites for clients. They must interview them, produce a spec with them, give them a range of designs and then produce a final produce to that spec and to the satisfaction of the client.

I think more Design &Technology subject specialists and Art & Design subject specialists could be making much more use of this course. Another interesting characteristic of this course is that the pupils could sit the Adobe online exam and receive the SQA Qualification and the industry standard qualification at the same time.

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