Wednesday 27 August 2008

And …. I’m back………Just

Well, that was the summer. I must say that it was the worse I have ever had. And I don’t just mean the weather.

I am not going to go into details but had a helicopter ride and 3 days in a High Dependency ward and that was the first Saturday of the summer holidays!


Been back at school just over a week. Its been busy getting the UMPC’s back out to the owners after a major update of software. A huge well done to Walter (ICT Technician) to get through all the UMPC’s on his own. I had planned to help him.

The really exciting day was this afternoon. I had all of our new intake to start the induction to the UMPC’s. I love they enthusiasm and desire to get their hands on the devices.

I will go through the software that was on the image another time but some really interesting plans on the horizon for this year.

Just watch this space.

New app: Photosynth


If you can’t see ‘Synth’ above then go to

The Synth above was made on the 1st public day of Photosynth at the Pier of Port Charlotte. The village I live in at the moment.

Its an amazing way of taking loads of images and putting them together into a ‘3d’ place.

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Anonymous said...

Welcome back Ian!

I had looked for an Islay Photosynth when I first heard of Photosynth last week or whenever it went live. Didn't find anything back then but should have expected something coming from you soon. I assume you created this one?