Thursday 31 May 2007

Class Presenter and Conference XP

Video: Classroom Presenter

Once the pupils have their UMPC's (Big news on that very soon) I have been looking at how they can used within classroom. The most obvious way is that worksheets can contain more than text and still pictures. Individuals can watch a video clip or listen to a podcast o radio programme or they can read the text and watch an animation demonstrating what thy are being told.

They can record the ongoing process of their practical projects by taking stills (via a web cam) and adding text to it or record a video describing what they are doing.

One of the main ways I see is classroom collaboration. Sharing a 'whiteboard' that pupils can add notes too. The teacher can get individual

For example if you have a prepared powerpoint you can share it to all the pupils and they can make their own notes. You could have a question on the powerpoint and have the pupils feedback the answers. Assessment is for Learning and more than voting systems all in action.

Conference XP

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