Saturday 26 May 2007

Other Changes - Project Afternoon's

We looked at how the whole school community could take the skills and knowledge that they were learning in the classroom and apply them.

We are removing the 'Core' lessons from S3 - S4 and making Wednesday and Friday Afternoon's Project Afternoon's.

Project proposals are being developed at the moment. All staff getting ideas together and looking at how practical they would be. We have split the year into 6 week blocks. A staff member can offer a single block of 6 weeks using either one afternoon, and offer a different project the other afternoon (12 hours) or both (24 hours), a double block etc.

My proposal is setup a media group that will produce a TV News programme for the school intranet and podcasts for the internet. I plan to run this all year but I am hoing that the group producing it will change over the year.

This is how we are approaching a Curriculum for Excellence. What do you think?


Anonymous said...

I think what you are doing sounds wonderful! It sounds like you are completely pulling the rug from beneath the status quo. Good on you!

islayian said...

Not finished yet Robert!

Anonymous said...

I think it sounds great as well and have been following your project with great interest for the past few months. Looking forward to watching it contunue to evolve over the next session. OB