Wednesday 16 May 2007


No this not a new educational initiative. It is the Royal Commission for Ancient Historic Monuments Scotland RCAHMS

We had a big day with Brian Wilkinson and a group from the Royal Commission.

We took all S1 and S2 (I know, that's still less than 60) to see a couple of the local sites. We were suppose to split the year group into 3 sub groups and go to 3 different sites but it was wet, very wet.

S1 went first. We took a Minibus and 2 LWB Landrovers and got as close as possible to the sites. The groups moved up towards the sites along the muddy tracks. They then split into groups of 3 and they measured the remains and recorded them. They asked great questions and listened to he answers. They then headed back to the transport. We got back in time for morning break.

The S2 repeated the trip periods 3&4. Getting back for lunchtime.

S1 were in history and Geography those periods. Those teachers went with the S2. I took the S1's together and got them to work on a PC in the 3's they had worked together at the site. They tried to recreate what the sites would have looked like in Sketchup.

The team from RCAHMS seemed very impressed with what they had produced.

I would like to thank the Staff, the Royal Commission team and especially the pupils who walked in rain and mud and still had a great time.

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