Tuesday 26 June 2007

Live Writer

I have been using Live Writer Beta 1 for quite a while now. Its an app which allows me to write my Blog offline (Very handy when I have over 2 hours on a ferry to get to the mainland).

I have recently noticed that the Beta 2 was released (OK a month ago, I am slow). It is a significant upgrade with lots of additions and it looks very different too.

The main improvement that I have noticed is the much better integration of plugins. I have downloaded 2 already. Insert video means I no longer have to change the view to HTML to embed the video.

Ink Blog


Unknown said...

Hi there
It all sounds very interesting and exciting! I am an English and History high school teacher in Cape Town.
I would like to teach in Scotland as my grandmother was born and brought up there.
Who should I contact?

N Winton said...

Hi Ian,
Thanks for the nod about the Ink plug-in... Will be trying it when I get back to school.

hope to catch up with you at SETT/SLF/TeachMeet07