Tuesday 26 June 2007


I would like to point everyone to this Blog on the BBC island Blogging site.

It is the 3rd in the IHS's world experiences. Happening every 2 years.

Previous groups have gone to Costa Rica, and Ecuador. The Ecuador group blogged about their experiences but this time the group are much more aware of what it means.

The group are heading to Malawi - Ileachs are people from Islay,btw. It will a great adventure and a lifetime experience.

Please go and voice your support and follow their adventures.


keith.hamon said...


You asked if Monroe County Schools, GA, USA, is interested in collaborating with your "small Scottish Island School." Yes, emphatically. We can make this work.

Our schools reconvene on Friday, 10 August 07. Please let me know what project and grade level you have in mind. Thanks so much for the offer.

Anonymous said...

Hi Ian,
sounds like a great project, I've added it to the list at scotedublogs.org.uk I hope you do not mind.

islayian said...

I don't mind at all. I should have done that myself.