Sunday, 3 June 2007

Other Changes - Leadership

From Blog Pics

 We have been developing a distributive leadership model within the school.

To quote Dr Liz Cunningham, HeadTeacher,

"Headship is fixed, Leadership is fluid".

What this means it me is that if you have an idea be prepared to lead it or don't say anything at all.

I really should define what I mean by Distributive Leadership as opposed to Distributed leadership.

Distributive Leadership is about the school community taking responibility. They look at where the school is going and then come up with the idea's which will help deliver it.

Distributed Leadership is about the management having the idea's and delegating that leadership responsiblity to someone.

Those are, of course, the extreme examples but I think its important to acknowedge the difference. The giving of responsibility without the giving of power gives no ownership.

This is the key. Ownership of the whole schoolcommunity by the whole school community. So long as they want to part of it that is.


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