Sunday 16 September 2007

BBC - The politics Show II

As I said on Thursday, the BBC were over filming on Friday for today's Politics Show.

I am just home from lunch with my in-laws (They are visiting from Newcastle and I couldn't change nor want too change the arrangements)

Several people have stopped me and said the 5 min piece came across very well.

It should be available on the Politics Show (Scotland) web site later today but I would be very interested in opinions (Negative as well as positive) or questions raised by the piece.

PS Just had this written article sent to me.


Ewan McIntosh said...

You and the students came across very well, and they managed to catch you giving some very soon advice on writing essays on or offline to one of them. Well done!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Ian, this is a huge achievement for you and everyone at the school. I just read the story on BBC News. Well done! Great publicity for Islay :-)


Anonymous said...

Just watched it online (it starts at 1:15 and runs until 1:21 + a bit of discussion until 1:22). It came over very well, really showing the benefits while still making the students think.

I picked up the bit that Ewan mentioned as well, that was great.

And Glenn seemed to be jealous that he didn't have something like this when he went to Islay High ;-)

islayian said...

Do you have a link to where you watched it.
I still haven't seen it

Anonymous said...


yes, watched it on the Politics Show Scotland site, click on the "Latest Programme" link (under Glenn's picture).

You should be able to "fast forward" by moving the slider and then wait for a few seconds for it to catch up, at least it worked for me.

Hope this helps.

islayian said...

WMA is not available but works fine in real player

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing this!

I have posted it to my mobile computing site:

tassy said...

Hi Ian,
Read the article on bbc news site, well done in getting the work out there. Been using the blog sites/wikis etc for workshops now too and very useful, thanks as ever!
All the best!

Anonymous said...

Very interesting to hear about the exciting developments at your school! As someone who has been down the route of issuing laptops or tablet PCs to all our pupils (Ardnamurchan H.S.), I would love to have a chat sometime should our paths cross!

keith.hamon said...

Well done, Ian. You've been busy, and it's paying off for your students. We here in Georgia, USA, are just a wee bit jealous, but we are excited about working together with you. I think we've much to learn.