Sunday, 23 September 2007

Google Sketchup Seminar

As I said in my last entry I was expecting small numbers for my seminar at the Scottish Learning Festival and I planned to turn this an advantage.

I hope I managed this. Certainly the small numbers seemed very positive at the end. I said I would place some useful links for Sketchup for the small band of 10 who came and were made to work.

Useful links:

Sketchup Home -

Sketchup Download -

Sketchup Blog -

Video Tutorials -

Self Paced tutorials -

Education offers from Google -

3D Warehouse to download pre made models -

Google Earth home -

I hope those who were at the session found it useful.

Those who asked about the project with Monroe County Ga. I will ask Keith Hamon if he minds if we publish the details here.

Here is the published doc

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