Thursday, 13 September 2007

Ups and Downs

Prompted by Andrew Brown, I have decided to say what I am doing at SETT SLF.

Well I am speaking twice his year.

The first talk I suspect will be one of the quietest of the Wednesday. Its not because it will be boring (Honest!) but because its on at the same time as Stephen Heppell's keynote. I am so disappointed with missing him and wonder what people will choose my talk over Stephen Heppell. We shall see.

The second talk is early (9-30) on the Thursday I am speaking with Dr Elizabeth Cunningham(The Headie) abut what we have been doing as School of Ambition.

Apart from the official stuff I am going to go into the wild with Channel 4 and , of course, teachmeet07. This year I am determined to speak rather than just drink and shout abuse as I did last year.

I will be making merry later on with other teachmeeters. Just wish me luck to make it to early semniar on the Thursday.

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