Wednesday 21 November 2007

SQH Leadership

I have been working towards the first Unit if my Scottish Qualification for Headship (SQH) or the Post Graduate Diploma in School Leadership & Management, to give it its full title.

The first unit has been looking at the role of a head teacher and what the Standard of Headship is, as defined by the GTC, then checking where I am in relation to that standard. The Assessment is in the form of a 5000 word essay defining the context, Leadership, change,The Standard and the comparing myself to the standard via 360 feedback from colleagues and self reflection.

I am looking for your help.

Can you, no matter what your role in education (and we ALL have a role in education), answer some questions.

1. What do you see as the role of a Head Teacher/Principal?

2. Define the word 'Leadership'.

So not much ;-)


Chris Ryall said...


The qualities which encourage people to follow. A Leader without followers is lonely. The best leadership is where people freely choose to follow, not because they are coerced or forced but because they are convinced that the shared rewards of the group are best achieved by making the necessary sacrifices to follow a leader. Leadership is a skill and qualities, not a job title.

Head Teacher/Principal?

Warrior Priest :) Someone who sets an example as an excellent practitioner, but also fights for me and alongside me; and intercedes for me to the higher gods, whether they are parents or education authorities.

Anonymous said...

Hi Ian,

2. A leader for me is a guider. Someone who is always a good example. Someone who thinks before they speak. Someone who values and respects the foundations/people on the ground on which his 'leadership' is built.
Ideally in Education I would like a leader who has subject knowledge

1. The role of a headteacher/Principal? Someone who values the (moral) importance of education. I think though (from my lowly perspective) a team of senior managers is needed to 'compliment' each other in their different roles. I guess they will fall naturally into different roles.
Like Chris said, it is essential for every teacher to confidence in their leaders. Especially in backing them up.
I would like a leader to be able to discern when you need to 'tick the boxes' and when you need to take a risk and step right out of the box.
For want of a better phrase I think a depute/head needs to be able to keep his eye on all the pies but without sticking his finger in them all.