Tuesday 26 June 2007

Google Sketchup of Islay House Square

We have been using Google Sketchup for quite a while now. Here is an example of some of the work.


Video: Islay House Square in Sketchup

The work is all the S1 pupils from one class. The pupils split themselves into groups. They decided on what they needed to do. They got the plans of the square and shared the work out amongst them. They worked out the sizes from the scale on the plans (1:400). They asked if they could go and visit to take photo's of the elevations. Transferred the images over onto the PC's and started to edit them-They wanted to remove the people and the cars they didn't want. They took the images and used them the create the textures.

6 of the year went to the Young Engineers Conference in Glasgow last Friday and while their they took the different models of the various buildings and placed them into a single model and created the animation. They then exported the animation as an AVI file and made the video in MovieMaker.

All this before they get a hold of the UMPC's!

What do you think?

PS I am giving presentation on this at SFL (SETT)


Anonymous said...

Quite fantastic - S1! Keep pushing those boundaries Ian :-)

For other ICT coordinators out there (or teachers in general)... ask yourself what are your kids doing with ICT in S1?

Mr Lee said...

I think this is excellent - good job S1!

Ewan McIntosh said...

I've really enjoyed this and, when I showed it to a bunch of university people this week from all around the world, I think the word I would use is "wowed". They were completely taken aback by your talents.

Looking forward to seeing more like this!

islayian said...

I had a very similar reaction when we had visitors from the Royal Commission for Ancient and Historic Monuments Scotland (RCAHMS)to talk to the kids.

If anyone is interested in doing something collaboratively using sketchup and google earth please get in touch