Monday 11 June 2007

Life's a Beach

I have been in full training for the Islay Beach Rugby tournament.

Then at the 2nd last training session, on the 5th June, I damaged my right knee.

After a trip to the Hospital in Glasgow (Yes, that's what we have to do is travel by plane to see a specialist) to be diagnosed with........."Hmmm, it looks like a sore knee". After a little more consultation with the consultant it was concluded that I had stretched the Quadricep tendon.

I had to rest it for 6 weeks............. So out of the beach rugby was I.

It'll be a lesson to us all......... training is dangerous and should be avoided.

I decided that I could lay my body on the line by eating, drinking and making merry.

The day itself was a great one. Possibly too hot (At least for Scotland) at 23C, for any form of physical activity.

We had 18 male teams and 3 female teams arrive. The competition was fierce and fully committed. Hillhead had to withdraw in the second round, due to too many injuries. From what I saw it was too many drinks but that could be a misrepresentation of the facts.

The overall winners for the 4th year in a row, was Melrose Rugby Club. Well done to them. And well done to Loch Lomond for doing so well against them in the final.

Islay 1's won the next level tournament beating my old club, Cartha in the final.

Cambuslang, Green machine won the 3rd level Quaich.

A particular thank you to Jim Stevenson from the SRU. Who not only played for 2 teams but also managed to dress smartly to present the winners. Iain "Mighty Mouse" McLaughlin, whose wife originates from Islay, was on hand to present the home team with their trophy.

Of course, that was only the day event. The evening entertainment was spectacular with over 400 people squeezing into the village hall to enjoy great camaraderie, great laughs and great company.

A huge thank you to all who came, saw and drank. Never have so few had so much sunburn.

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Unknown said...

My son was playing for Melrose in the tournament but broke his nose in the first game. Came back with a 25 year old bottle of Caol Ila and memories of a wonderful place.

islayian said...

Well Don
All I can say is my old School Motto."It wisnae me and yea canni prove it anywi", Govan High.
If he does have memories of the Saturday Night then he is one of the few.
PS The 25 Year Old Caol Ila has a limited edition label which will make it worth a lot of money

Joe Wilson said...

Spotted John Gilmour refereeing and Barney and Co playing -quite a Glasgow contingent - looked like a cracking day - shame I'm past it

islayian said...

No one is past it! You can come along and support the local whisky tent £1 per nip and all for charity.

Anonymous said...

As the token 'Buftie' representing Moffat RFC in the hospitality tent I would like to pass the thanks of the Rams to our generous hosts . Beaten by the Green machine but restored by liberal application of local refreshment. many thanks to Andy and Islay RFC and look forward to next year.

islayian said...

Dear 'Buftie'
by pure coincidence, Andy, was sitting next to me when I read your coment.
We want to acknowledge the support and efforts that we have recieved from all, players and 'Buftie's', at Moffat RFC.