Tuesday 4 September 2007


Some funny, (though I am not sure about how Dr Elizabeth Cunningham (Head Teacher) feel about being drawn as Grounds Keeper Willie),


from the suppliers press.

Some amazing from the last 24hrs of the Blog on Google Analytics

The reaction of the pupils has been hugely positive from those who have theirs so far and hugely jealous from those (The Majority) who have still to get theirs.

I will take another week to get them all out and then the real evaluation will begin.

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Anonymous said...

I had a French cartoon which basically said, "I haven't done my homework because my computer had a virus, so did my pen and my pencil..."

Funnily enough today a lot of my S4s couldn't had me in writing because it was on their computer at home which was broken - must have been an epidemic - using paper and pen didn't seem to occur to them!