Wednesday 30 April 2008

A view of education

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Any comments?


Nick Hood said...

Well, it's a view. It's easy to be suspicious of this company, which is aggressively focused from top to bottom on making money for its shareholders. Philanthropic-sounding ideas like the Digital Curriculum are intended solely to increase revenue. I'm not saying it's wrong to make money: but American business and MS in particular does so without your interests at heart, despite their efforts to make it seem otherwise. It's maybe the modern version of "beware G(r)eeks bearing gifts".

Anonymous said...

I can't believe someone from Microsoft has the gall to talk about the benefits of the development of standards! I actually laughed out loud.

islayian said...

I agree that ANY corporation is driven by the profit regardless of Conscience, See The Corporation and even more so, Chomsky for some depth of analysis.
You have to make sure that any Standard doesn't become a cage to any particular regime or company. Be that Internet access control or software/hardware.
I think the evidence is that MS is starting to come round to standards. Admittedly they want the standards their way but then so does every large company want everything their way. Look at Tesco et al and their links with suppliers.
I must admit that I placed this here with a bit of a twinkle in my eye. I wanted to see the reactions. I know that you get a reaction when ever you mention MS.
Personally I believe that every company is out to make money and control their market. Apple do this with the IPod very successfully, yet I have never heard or seen them be criticised for this.
As for what was being said. The digital curriculum is a tool. A tool which will help certain people in certain places. I also agree that people need to learn to learn. I also agree that the rate of change is not going to slow down. What I am not clear on is how the digital curriculum helps with that? It teaches skills which are in place now or the very near future. How does that help learning to learn, except with fact that you know you can go somewhere and learn these skills for yourself rather than wait to be taught. (Ok, That's wishful thinking)
BBC Jam had the possibility of being a tool box. Why did this not come into fruition? A commercial groups who put profits before anything else.

Anonymous said...

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islayian said...

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