Sunday 23 September 2007

Teachmeet 07

Exciting/Frustration is my personal description of teachmeet.

First of all Teachmeet is an unconference, this time it was a fringe event of the SLF. That means its an open forum for people to share their ideas (7 min max). All of which were very exciting.

Now to explain the frustration part.

The first teachmeet was in Edinburgh as a fringe event to eLive. I was able to go as I was speaking in Glasgow the next day and I decided that I had better have a clear head.

The second one was at last year SETT (Old name for SLF) I said I wanted to speak and was quite excited about talking but their simply wasn't time.

The third one was at this years eLive conference. I was all ready to go and my authority was prepared to pay for the travel but then lots of things came up at school and I decided not go.

I was so keen to talk this year that I had my name up as soon as the wiki was setup.

It was obviously not meant to be.......

Ewan produced a totally fair and random fruit machine to select the speakers........ the Bu*****!

It is obviously not meant to be as my name, along with several others, didn't come up.

Having said that, it really was an excellent event. I was particularly  impress with Andy Black and his energetic presentation. It was wonderful to meet Krysia at last. She has a much fuller description of the evening.

Maybe the frustration comes from missing out on the food, company and drinks later on. I wasn't feeling great and ended up at the doctor's on the Thursday afternoon with a sinuses infection.

So maybe I will get some time sometime to present. I just hope I have something worth talking about.


David Noble said...

Hi Ian

Great to meet you at TeachMeet. As I said to a good number of folk at the dinner, hearing more from you about Sketchup during TeachMeet was the biggest thing that I took away from the day ie the idea that I'm definitely following up!

Anonymous said...

Hi Ian,
I know how you feel, the previous year I prepared a presentation and was disappointed. This year I was first out of the hat and rather under prepared.

Maybe we could have an online followup, perhaps a flash Meeting?

David Noble would be the one to ask...

islayian said...

He would indeed John
You didn't come across as under prepared.
I am not annoyed about not presenting. I think the format was excellent and totally fair

Ewan McIntosh said...

Gutted you couldn't share, too. I might have to up my coding skills, though, to hack that web app and fix it for the next time ;-) I think an online followup would be great, in Second Life even. In any case, we'll try to see if there's a way to get total satisfaction next time around. I think the bosses were suitably impressed to put some backing (other than my time) behind it for the next round.

andy black said...

Hi Ian
thanks for kind word can I say your were Awesome at Handheld learning today . Your were simply great !!!

BTW Teachmeet was briiliant !!

Andy of andys black hole